Too powerful for Words.

Humble I


The below did not come from me yet it resonated. I pray whoever the source (s) allow for me to pass on the knowledge, after all I am just a vessel.



A letter from uNokhanyo to a friend…


Camagu my sister… life is beautiful and I can live mine to the fullest when I choose to. It was always coming, watch your friends and lovers…there is always something we all have in common, that we are seekers, seekers of joy, happiness and love. They are beauty and it comes with self knowledge.


We’ve been on it for a while, including you.


Abantu abadala(aka ancestors) live within. Think about it this way, you are the dna of all those that have come before you, so you carry the collective memory of who they are. In isiXhosa we do not refer to people as “dead” but as uswelekile, which simply means “they are not always going to be readibly visible to us”. Everyone is here for a purpose, and its Godly…mind you I’m not in any way christian.


I believe God is in its literal sense Love, unconditional love. Equilibrium gets lost in the universe and this love is gotta be balanced, warriors of light have been chosen or perhaps have chosen themselves to be responsible to tilt the scales when they get unbalanced. That is what inyanga’s do.


Get yourself a white, yellow , purple and a red candle. Get some mpepho and incenses of your choice(if you wish and enjoy them)…dedicate a space you love in your house as your space to raise vibrations and meditate. Call upon all your past descendants that you know, call upon the living ones to come closer too. In this space you say what you want and you are true to yourself. Say thank you and allow yourself to be filled with gratitude.

Find comfort in knowing that you never walk alone.


Look at people in the streets and greet whomever you want to greet…they might not all reply but you would’ve taught them something. Thank your mom and dad for the simple gift of bringing you into the world and taking care of you when you couldn’t. Thank everyone who ever took care of you.


Smile at yourself…and allow the collective wisdom to flow freely into you, then you will know what you want to do for yourself and the overall benefit of the universe.


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