Good bye summer .Hello Autumn.

I remember home when it was this time…back then I would enjoy these long beautiful works from school. I remember walking up that road to my house, thinking about the smells of home and all the day’s labour that I had missed.

It would be kind of a scary feeling yet it would be exciting at the same time. See those moments would be my reflections, the few moments in between. Where I would take of my cape and put on my jump suit and be a mom again , a sister and daughter.

Walking up thinking about the ills and joys of the day and what needs to be done for the next. Mainly they’d be filled with prayers for guidance, love and laughter.

I knew then that time would pass as it always does and that the journey ahead would be long as it is now. Yet I knew I had it in me to walk the distance.

It’s happening again yet in this big city somehow it feels different. I can only see it when I look up now, I must admit I miss being able to view it’s effects. I miss the beauty that is home at this time.

Back then I could see the landscape and marvel, smile a little even for the few seconds that it would last. Every once in a while every one must be allowed the liberty to experience this.

Then, time would stand still, here , it passes by faster than a flash. Almost, one who is used to the soothing sounds of jazz must be moved by the electric sounds of rock, punk, house or whatever else may be fast paced.

There is no time to look at each other in the eye or hear each others stories or relate about the fallen heroes. There is no time to lament on the dead cow or rejoice in the surrounding of being together over umqombothi (sorghum / homemade beer).

Time is moving. Summer is out, I have seen her fight a good battle to remain yet like I she understood order and succumbed. It is time for her to rest a while, regain her strength and renew her energies. Different colours now arise, those sunburn, crispy orangey leafs, even the sunflower now tells a different story.

Oh how I love the mist of back home … the smell of freshness from the bakers car rumbling along on the long, lowely , lonely road with only my eyes to splendour.

Almost reminds me of poetry. Good bye summer. Hello Autumn.





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