Wanna know how a place will treat it’s customers, go to it when their least expecting it.


In an age where brands are treating themselves as humans, one would expect that most businesses would’ve caught on to this trend, alas they have not. In a hub of all places, in the place where they say all things start and end.


Perhaps I have been hanging with the wrong crowd, but nah I don’t believe that. I’ll tell you one thing though it is emancipating though to watch popular culture take over and I am in the midst of it.



It’s times like these thatbI’d like to have Martin Liuther,Malcolm X, Chris Hani, Gaddaffi and the phenomenal Che. I wonder what they would think of all this. These bright lights and squiky voices.

Back tobrands-deliver on your promises, in the said time. Stick to your word, do not over deliver and under achieve. Pay more attention to your clientele-After all they are what pays the bilss, no matter how small their contribution is.

Word of mouth is the detail and growth is the vision.



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