I think my email is receiving too much spam. I need to check it out.

Got the below on my email today – made me shake my head and think a little bit about popular culture. I had to laugh.

Up to 25,000 Followers
What We Provide
We provide an opportunity for you to have a huge follower base on Twitter. You can now have up to 25,000 people following you on Twitter. It’s true!
How It Works
We operate a large network of websites where we provide content to our visitors such as wallpapers, ringtones, applications and so on. In exchange for this free content, we showcase your Twitter page to a large pool of potential followers. Visitors see your Twitter profile as they see ads on any website. This process ensures the followers are real and voluntary. We continue showcasing your profile until the desired number of followers is reached.
Will I lose followers later?
No! We will monitor your account for 1 year to make sure you never go below the number you purchased. If you do lose followers, we will replace them with new followers without you even noticing it.
How Is This Beneficial For Me?
  • First and foremost, reaching out to a larger audience, that is what Twitter is all about, isn’t it?
  • Many more followers through natural ways; as your account is now “popular” and “worthy to be followed”.
  • A much better first impression on your potential followers/clients; imagine what you would think of a person/company with 124 followers, and imagine the same for 25,124 followers!
  • Ranking higher on the Twitter search results as it’s sorted by popularity, better chance of being promoted on featured Twitter lists, such as “People you might know”, “Who’s on Twitter?” and so on, helping you build an even larger follower base.
Zero Risk Policy
This is a natural question to raise when something is “too good to be true” and it never hurts to be a little skeptical especially about online services. We are an established UK business operating since 2010. You can find our address, phone number and public registration information on our website. Moreover, we don’t ask you for any sensitive information, all our payments are processed through our partner; the largest and most reliable payment processor online. We also have a zero-risk policy. If you aren’t satisfied with the results, we will issue a 100% refund. No questions asked, no paperwork necessary. Please visit our website for more detailed information about our zero-risk policy.

Ready to rock Twitter?
Plus (Popular)
Delivery Time
4-5 days
7-10 days
20-24 days



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