The only constant is change.

Funny how change is the only constant.

The past two weeks have been filled with eye opening, tear jerking, heart wrenching and unbelievable moments.

I was emotional for most of it for I felt it was the only way I could deal. L left the hub for greener pastures back home, I could not help but envy her.

While I was grateful for the opportunities that lay ahead for her I could not help but ask myself endless selfish questions. In the end, the bus ticket was booked , she had to go so she left. Hugs, bags and a smile.

I met up with O yesterday, it was really great, we hadn’t seen each other in a while, I think a year. We spoke of L, lit up some green and laughed and marveled. According to O I’m still me, which is a great compliment. We both missed L. Immensely.

In the end, we had to catch different taxis to our destinations. We hugged, looked each other in the eyes knowingly. I love O.

After I had heard that L was leaving, I cried. I could not imagine being in a different space but it had to be.

The next morning, while in my groggy state, B calls, she’s in town and wants us to link up. I get to the place and it’s closed. Early morning rays across my eyes. I look around, the streets are empty, I scratch in my handbag searching for my phone so I can call.

I hear a voice , singing, without hesitation I follow , at the end , B is. With all the splendor that makes us. We unite, hug and smile, we laugh. It is good for us to be in the same space.

The last we met was in December, it was all of two minutes because there was so much going on at the time.

We catch up, we walk to following eyes, my heart and smile catch them. We are in love. Music flows. Life flows.

I am introduced to A, she is phenomenally exceptional. She is the kind who walks in on closed doors un-apologetically and with such finesse. She is a gem.

Conversations flow. Love fills every entity. The day goes beyond expectation. It passes us by before we even know it. Before we know it, meetings take over, B runs, I chase , we hug and laugh.

Today, I’m going home , ever excited at the prospect of seeing my family and my son. I feel I am missing out on so much.

There’s much to be done and said.

I’m leaving D behind who in essence is leaving me behind. We were emotional, last night we hardly slept. Smokes, promises to go to sleep, smokes, tears pushed back. We gotta be strong.

He took me on a bike ride the other night when I had to go and perform, it was my first and best one. He’s a good friend, I hope we meet in the future.

In the end, we’ve all seen struggles. It’s been hard. Most days giving up was the only option we had. We learned so many lessons, like the art of losing.

Feels weird I must say but it is what it is right. and what it is right now is Love.

I’m grateful for the journey I trod, with Love and Light as my guide.

The only constant is change.Image


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