On that Jazzy , Soulfeel vibe

Hey everyone

So it seems the life of Miss Understood is taking a route of its own, shaping it’s own destiny. Miss Understood is the name I use whenever I am on stage or in an arty vibe performing.

I have been linking with a lot of jazz and soul artists , in the visual and vocal world. Of course as artists we are never defined, we remain boundless and boxes will be the death of us so I pray you understand what I’m trying to say here.

I’m grateful and I’m blessed.

In any event, I have been attending a lot jazz vibes and I’ll be uploading videos of my experiences of these places / events.

From time to time I will share my opinion, mostly I will let you make your own decisions.

So I’m waiting for this video to upload on YouTube so that I may share it with you …there’s about 36 minutes left for it to finish so …  🙂 .

I have no idea where music is taking me but I’m loving the journey. It’s art so I believe it can only lead me to righteousness.

Last night I had an opportunity to live my dream, I performed to a live jazz band to well receiving audience in Johannesburg , Zoo Lake at the Bowling Club.

Legends were there and one of them was playing the piano. It was an honor 🙂 .

34 minutes and counting….

Love & Light.


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