Why idolise Madiba?

Why idolise Madiba? I don’t understand this concept.

The man has recently been reported to be in and out of hospital for routine check ups. He is 94 years old, worldwide his name is known and is associated with heroism and all things noble.

But who is Madiba ? Behind the mask that is? Behind all that has been said? Even I cannot accurately answer the questions. I assume that he is human , made of flesh and blood , just like you and I.

I think the only thing that makes him extraordinary is that he was the first black President of South Africa. Apart from that , really I feel like nothing much can be said.

Let’s not start a debate on the whole rainbow nation which actually never materialised. If that were the case socially we wouldn’t live as we do. Blacks still in townships and whites in surbubs. Apart from the race issue – we all know that the rich are still continuing to be rich while the poor remain exactly that.

One will argue that today’s society and demise can not completely be attributed to the noble leader. True and False.

I believe South Africa would’ve seen true liberation had the land been given back to the rightful owners along with its rich resources which we are still to benefit from.

A friend argues that it is better this way, else we face a Zimbabwe. I love Zimbabwe.

She believes that blacks do not have the capacity to manage the land that we so badly want. A typical example would be to take a closer look at the townships that black people reside in – full of filth  with muggers ready to stab, rape and kill you for your wallet and cellphone or whatever else they may justify.

Maybe she has a valid point.

However I disagree with her when she says blacks do not have what it takes to manage the land , we do. However, it is kind of impossible to pay attention on an empty stomach and mind. Bearing in mind that the systems put in place did not work for many of us.

An example would be that – due to the systems my mother was not able to further her education, her mother was a domestic worker with many mouths to feed. The narrative is rhetoric across the black community.

Alright , moving on.

It is true that Madiba played a part in liberating us. As it is I’m sitting in a  ‘nice-0pen-plan’ office  with airconditioning. I speak a fair amount of English, I live in a surburb that is seen as ‘posh’ as it is frequented by celebrities. Anytime I feel like I can go downstairs and order a meal of my choice. I have friends out of the continent Africa, I love them and they love me.

These opportunities may or may not have been without Madiba – it is debatable.

Many fought for the ‘freedom’ we enjoy today , including the release of Madiba from a 27 year jail term.

The man is now 94 years old , he has  ‘lived’ his life – to the fullest some may argue.

This blog post is coming from recent headlines about a professor who apparently wished for the death of Madiba.  Even social networks are going crazy. I’ll tell you one thing , there are many who are secretly hoping for the death of Madiba – for various reasons.

I believe the topic is taken out of context and South Africa is once again becoming emotional over a trivial issue instead of worrying and being concerned about the issues that really affect us.

Reality check everyone – Mandela will die , just like the rest of us. He is not an idol or demi-god as is made out to be . If you cut him I’m sure he will bleed blood much like everyone else. He is old, he has done his part for the liberation of this country (which, by the way is negotiable). Let him RIP .I am sure it is his ideals that he envisages live on and not his body. Good grief!




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