Broken home take my soul

And lay it to rest

With these chains bind me

And promise to make me yours

Take me into eternety

Starve me while you feed on

With flies, maggots and all you deem necessary

Turn me into a slave and you be the master

Master all ceremonies

Unceremoniously giving more into who you are

Eat , eat, eat, eat, snog, snog, snog

While the chains continue to bite into my soul

While these arms bleed as you hold on tighter

Eat, eat, eat, feed, feed, feed, feed

On all you deem necessary

Hold me prisoner with your unending web

Let me lie there till I die of hunger

Either that or from the anger

That comes from the angry cobwebs

That starve and long to feed

Eat, eat, eat, feed, feed, feed

Take, take , take

For that is your only language

Do what you must

Do what you can

Choose only lust

But don’t you forget

He who laughs last

Only laughs best



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