Gradumacation :)

The past few weeks have been crazy and I’d be foolish to assume that my life will get any calmer however, I am not complaining. I got a bit of  a breather when I went home even though the trip did not involve much rest.

I had to prepare for the graduation ceremony, which I’d confirmed with myself that I would not go to due to financial reasons. I sent my parents and sms saying I would not be hope and I stated my reasons. I knew immediately from not getting a response that my reasons and justifications were falling on deaf ears.

I got a call from my grandmom who spoke calmly while asking whether the rumour of my non-attendance was true- I had to confirm otherwise. Afterwork , went and booked bus ticket home for the next day. I suspect the Universe had heard my reluctance as I nearly did not make the bus, alas I did.

I sat next to and Indian man who only wanted to be known as Bond and a Nigerian named Chris. Friendly fellows I may add, offering food , pillows and whatever else to make my journey all the more comfortable. Bond notified me he would be taking alchohol to ease the journey, I did not mind and told him as long as he behaves himself , to which he confirmed that all is in order.

Little did I know that the bus would play slow jam in the wee hours , to find myself being hugged in my ‘bus sleep’ by Bond every now and again, but I suppose all’s well that ends well for we reached home without any further glitches apart from the unwanted and random hugs.

Got home and did the running around, doing hair , dress fittings , meetings – so little time and so many people to see, love and share laughters with .

In the end , what needed to be done was done. I’m waiting for the pictures but was lucky enough to get this group one.  Which I’m posting so you can enjoy and hopefully be inspired – while you inspire me to become a wiser and better person with more love and light insight, outside and all around her.

Below it is a status update I posted on Facebook after the event. Live. Now.



FB status update : Years of determination, courage, tears and fears have culminated to this one moment. In 2009 I took a decision not knowing the hows the whens and today I’m glad i’ve honoured my mother’s dying wish- to see myself educated:) . At this moment I’m praying for the wisdom to know and do more in the hope to inspire others. May this dream live on . Ever thankful to anyone and everyone who shared words of wisdom and encouraged me to go on even in the darkness, now I step into Light and Love. #graduation”

Peace and Love ladies and gentlemen.

MadCrazyLuv from LoyZaR


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