Needs and wants.

There are days when I miss home, like when I remember the deep fried chicken that goes with the overcooked rice and seven colour vegetables. Days when I look to my left and right , reminded of what I do not have , searching for that I am longing to have. Needs and wants.

Now I understand

I so, so understand

It is the same as she said

Then I could not understand

My darling sister, hear it now

I so, so understand

The meaning to words

Spoken and Unspoken

He wants to do the same

Though he does not know how

And so he speaks in hopes I will listen

My ears are open much like my heart

So I smile for I understand

But how can it be my dear sister?

The beautiful ones are not yet born

Or rather they are ahead of their time

We have known , so let it be

We can not control the hand of Time


I saw him , his past his present and his future

Much like I saw yours when you embraced me

Beloved , sister of mine, how do we do this?

What is meant to be will be, eventually, inevitably

The glimmer in his eye speaks of much

Every speck , every spot is where they said it would be

Yet , it is different to what and how they described it

I fell in love beloved sister, with the sparkle in his eye

And I loved him all the more for wanting to do this

He speaks, pauses and speaks again

I smile and laugh and I look ahead

He understands, we understand, I understand

He would like to but how can he?

Dear beloved sister of mine, let me tell you

What is meant to be will be


We cannot avoid it, it was there from the beginning

Much like in the messages we have exchanged in private

The duty of a light is to shine even the Bible says so

I completely understand the pain of the dagger

How it felt when it reached him

And I know the look on his face

When blood splattered all over for all to rejoice

I now know what he anticipated

And now know but a fraction of the love he felt

and the words unspoken


I  love you with the deepness of the I am

and the destiny that awaits we must follow

Without fear or hesitation

Hearts must bleed

Joy must be felt

Sorrow must come

In the end

What is meant to be will be

-Miss Understood-



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