Of celebrity, public consumption, drama, media and the real issues

Here’s a blog post about a trivial matter : gossip, rumours, tongue wagging you name it, a post about other people , what they (apparently) get up to and so forth, well not necessarily.

A sequence of event have led me to observe myself as an artist, media person and creative. Lately I’ve been in situations where I’ve been surrounded by people who have ‘made it’ and some perceived as ‘lost it’.

It allowed me to think alot about my journey as an artist and the pitfalls that I should possibly look out for and all that. But sad as it is for me to say , qualified Journalist and all,  the media is a double edged sword.

Yesterday I tweeted ” The media that builds you is the same media that can destroy you”. You do not need to Google this, it’s a fact , proven many a time.

So it got me thinking, if I can think like this then surely someone else out there may be thinking the same thing. Celebrity, yes that is the term that affects and infects most creative people who get to be in the limelight.

The term is like a drug , which once injected, makes one do the most obscene of things, it’s crazy how ish gets – and this just from an observer.

The term brings with it the provebial cross which one has to bear that usually entails public scrutiny and judgement. We all know, no one can make everyone happy alas they keep on trying – celebrities that is. To endear viewers hearts, charming all and sundry with suggestive lip pouts and eye gestures.

Then we have the double edged media. Now there we have another ball game all together. Like it or not – most media houses are interested in the bottom line – money and are usually owned by some guy you will never meet because he’s probably sailing on a yacht somewhere.

Most media is not interested in empowering the nation and most times will sell shock value as opposed to what you really need to know. Take a look at any newspaper and see the headlines , I can almost guarantee , some minister is getting arrested, some Gogo has been raped by a tokoloshe or any similar to that .

The articles that matter , such as the plight faced by Marikana miners and how their still getting ‘screwed’ will probably make it on the fifth page, that is if they’re lucky. See, it’s not shock value and neither is it educating and enlightning you to investigate further into why the miners got shot to begin with – colonialism is still among us , liking it or not and please some intellect is cautioned , truth matters.

Back to Celebrity. As a young child I have always been fascinated by the people which were pushed into my face by television programmes, magazine and newspaper articles. They seemed to have it all. Truth is, they don’t.

If anything, they are just as lonely and miserable as the rest of the country. The thing with being a celebrity is that it puts so much pressure onto a person that it is easy to lose yourself in the hype. Rule of thumb – never believe the hype.

Another thing to remember is , art is life . This is usually forgotten amongst all the women, men, booze, drugs and ‘high life’ .

I struggle to get where one loses the sense that it is just a job and should not really been taken any further than that.

Then there was the public, the consumer and lover of keep up with celebrity. Why oh why I ask must one care what one get up to? Honestly , who cares what celebrity at for breakfast? Gosh, do you really care who celebrity is sleeping with?

If this is the case then I believe we seriously need to investigate our moral value as a society.

This is madness and at some point it needs to stop because at the end of the day they are human.

Celebrity is someone’s child, brother, sister, friend – the list goes on.

Celebrity- know what’s for public consumption and not because clearly the public has no limits to what it will consume – believe me there are other ways of making your living than airing your dirty laundry, good grief!

Public, consumer – wake up and realise. There is more at stake , including the livelihood of the unborn. Our legacy as a nation , state and continent. Don’t get caught up in the bullshit. Actually the reason why you’re caught up in the bullshit to begin with is because someone is selling you garbage and you’re not even aware.

I think the time has come for us to evaluate what really is going on and find out the real answers to the questions , like why we’re being detracted from the real issues that affect us.

Or do we not care anymore?




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