Are we voting because we are black?

Are we voting because we are black or because we are equal? This is the question in mind, stemming from a twitter conversation currently going on with two leaders and a follower.

It goes :

  1. @Zwelinzima1 but why support a party that has no “political will” to change unfair economy? @SAYoungLion @_cosatu @helenzille @alanwinde

  2. @karelpaintmaker Because @Zwelinzima1 is trying to take it over from the inside. That is what his fight with Pres Zuma is about.

  3. That’s hogwash – refused to stand into NEC twice in a row “@helenzille: @karelpaintmaker Because @Zwelinzima1 is trying to take it over f

  4. @Zwelinzima1 Going into NEC would compromise you. Your best takeover strategy is staying out. We see you!

    And my response was : 7m


    One follower believes I have a one track mind, he is forgiven for thinking that way.
    The truth is, by no means am I standing up for the current government. I think they are all a bunch of lies with one common interest : to feed their own (ohlohlesakhe). Which mainly influences my reason not to vote in the next election. Most people think I’m crazy but that’s alright, crazy has always been my normal.
    So Zille wants to say a thing or two about the current government, pointing fingers at will- corruption Oh gosh we’ve heard all these words before. What is she up to is what you never hear about. What goes on in the Western Cape that it is such a sovereign province in a (glorified) unified South Africa? Wonder why you will never hear the headlines.
    Could it be that there are much bigger forces at play? Enough about that, do you own research and make your own conclusions.
    The current government is not perfect, far from it in fact. I can’t prove it but it’s in the news daily about what they get up to , Google it, it’s there for all and sundry to see. First question in mind is why. Why is it that there is so much being said about the black community trashing and destroying each other? Why?
    And why is the black government doing so much to sabotage itself. Do your own research and make your own conclusions.
    I’m hurt and I’m angry , that after so many years and so much blood that was spilt we are still here. Have they died for nothing? If they died for something then what is it?
    One of the major problems that Africa has is not AIDS but sovereignty , hence African leaders die in our midst and the world carries on as if nothing happened. The problem is that we have Leaders who have been in power for 30 years and more who are now called dicatators while the queen has been in power for 60 years and more and we glorify that. Why?
    Why  is it when leaders talk about land reform ,. they get shot down, immediately removed from their leadership positions and made a mockery of? Why is it?
    Why is it that it seems we do not believe in our own power as Africans? So many rich resources that could feed and empower every nation.
    Take a walk outside of your four walls and see. Do your own research and make your own conclusions. Do you know how children in Siera Leone are living like? Have you heard about blood diamonds? Do you know what happens there?
    Have you ever crossed a river full of crocodiles with the hope of making it out alive on the other side, crossing because death seems sweeter than the raw deal that you’re currently experiencing?
    Don’t talk to me about the current state of affairs as if you know my plight as an African child. You know nothing about who I am and how I struggle. Elevate and innovate.
    I wont vote and they say I don’t have a voice. Well NEWSFLASH, I do have a voice. It’s the same one I was born with, it is the same voice that cried finally free of a confining womb.
    I wish nothing but wealth on all African children. Until we open our eyes and see what is really happening we will never get there. They saw what was going to happen the time the sold us Mandela. He was never freed but offered as a bargaining chip.
    And today we’re free to speak the English that we speak, work in posh offices while driving lavish cars.
    While at the end of the day, you will roll up your window when you get to the next robot, when dirty, grimy fingernails come knocking on your window.
    Enough said.

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