The Paradox of youth

Young nation, emancipate and liberate yourself. Read.

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I delivered this speech at the Daily Maverick’s Gathering in 2010. Amongst other notable speakers such as Zwelinzima Vavi, Nic Dawes, Michael Jordaan, Toby Shapshank amongst others.

As young people in South Africa, to a large degree, we cannot really claim to have fought for liberation, although we are the ones who stand to benefit the most. Others fought on our behalf because we didn’t really understand what was going on. Our parents, their parents and their parents before fought for freedom. They died so that we might lead lives of our own choosing and making. They did not count on us being lost.

But, we don’t know who we are nor where we are going. We are lost, like a plastic bag blowing in the wind. That generally happens when you follow overachievers. Our parents were overachievers for they defeated a system far bigger than themselves.

We want to…

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