I’m so numb I cannot not express it, except perhaps to say , as if transitioning from season to season. It has been eye opening to open up the woman in me, love her , deeply and completely.

See, woman can be a complete and utter mystery even to the self. Between battles of sensuality versus sexuality. Battles between defining beauty, struggles with confidence – honey do i fit well in that dress? Inadequecy , fears of not measuring up. Falling down and grazing those knees. Opening up and loving so deep , so deep. Losing. Emotions.

Woman sometimes battles, not only within however with the without. Always wearing her soldier, commander and captain suit. Dressed in armour, ready for the battle. Even when the home is broken this war must me faught. Even when children are delinquents this war must be won. That is woman, no time for tears in a war filled society. Yet, oh she cries doesn’t she. And she bears it all with such grace.

Woman at times is sultry and wants to eat pear shaped puddings just for the sake of it. Get on those rollerblades and just skate on – whoo hoo baby – yeah that is her, she just passed on that 180 speed, catch her if you can. Woman is elusive like silhoutte, magical like thunder and rain on a summer day. Can you feel her? Put your ear to the ground and hear her, listen to her thunder, her roar, that is woman.

Much like the sand and sea is woman, like the butterflies flutters all that is within. Gentle, breezy, easy, daisy. Fresh , fresh , picnic basket and towel, pies and strawberries easy. Free.

Like the wind , say for not it oxygen and call it terminology for science and other words that reason.

Woman, strong, powerful and majestic. Fragile, illuminated. Woman.



  1. Phumeza Mavika · September 3, 2013

    Wow great writter u are ma frnd… Wonderful! Overcomers, thats us weman.


    • LoyZaR · September 20, 2013

      Love you lots and lots …thank you dear…much appreciated.


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