I think you would love it if you met me

I think it would be really grand

I have been standing here

Poised, waiting for this moment

For you to come

And now you have

This is the moment to tell you

How glad I am we met

How we danced and enchanted the moon

The night in ever so deep black

The only thing we could see far and beyond

The glistening lights of the stars

You and I

In the night lost into music

You and I


I’m making tea in the evening lovie

Won’t you please come and join me

We could talk about the hurdles and struggles

How these hustles have taken their toil

Whipping our backs to form

Traces, marks of what success could be

What it could look like

Chapped like our lips in the sun

Licked and clipped it would be

The dreamer would emerge stronger

Perhaps this light might shine brighter

Who knows, who knows?

Who cares?


Words to paper are like scribbles

Written and read and then someday lost

Weaving in and weaving out


Except when to heal then one bothers

I suppose

All of this I do not know


I love life

I am passionate

That is why I never flinched

when they told me my fate

I guess it’s the reason

why love turned to hate

and put an end to you and I

Cast a judgement

Upon you and I

We chose freedom

On the fork road

Went our separate ways

Decisions had to be made


I am making tea at eleven

Thinking of words and poetry

My sore back and what needs to be done

Resting my weary body


Being happy

One day

To day


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