Hello once again blog world

Welcome to ‘LoyZaR’ in 2014. It’s been a while since I been here…I know 🙂 … I’m sorry for neglecting you my faithful readers. If it is any consolation I have been suffering from heavy hustles that have made it impossible for me to share spaces and thoughts with you as frequently as I would’ve loved to.

I think Africa’s internet problems are known globally so I will not make mention of them now or neither make it my primary excuse…although it is in the list somewhere. So what has been happening?

Well I’d say alot of learning, falling and rising. LoyZaR…ever being so poetic hahaha. To clear it up, I have been unemployed since the end of June 2013 so I decided to freelance for a while, while I’m doing my thing and looking to get into the industry (media) once more. I learned that cracking it is tough, actually the word tough almost does not even begin to describe how it is out there – hectic.

I learned alot about myself as well, how strong, beautiful and couragious I am. I think I am growing up a little bit – getting to understand how the world works in a sense. It has been hard not cry. In fact I think I have cried all my tears out . Prayer : Lord please help me cry ONLY tears of joy in 2014.

I attended some events which allowed me the opportunity to network and meet some of the movers and shakers of the industry. It’s hilarious being media sometimes because you get a different perspective of the celebrities / personalities. They get to be almost human and one can almost interact with them on a friendship level which made my job all the more easier for me to do.

Other times they can be quite arrogant – which is annoying but I suppose that is the nature of the beast. I suppose it helps to know how to deal with people and keep yourself grounded most of the time.

Being anything in Johannesburg is hard because best believe anything you are trying to do, someone else is already trying to outdo you . Weird I know but that is how it works, I’m told. But somehow God has managed to keep me alive and for that I am eternally grateful.

I want to take this moment to thank my sister and friend Mama B, she knows who she is and she knows what she did – to her I can never ever be more thankful inspite and despite all the arguments and fights. Suppose it was only normal given the situation we found ourselves in – unemployed, hustling and trying to find our feet in a much congested Jozi.

Moving on from the emotional babble.

I am now (temporarily) back home, trying to make means to get back into the proverbial belly of the beast. I’m a sucker for punishment I suppose 😛 . It’s hard coz I don’t really have an idea how things are going to work out . I laugh at this because I wrote a note the other day about it – about how one never ever really knows the future and what it holds. One being yours truly, nonetheless I am not giving up.

I need the opportunities that that city has to offer a girl like me, not only for me but for my son, family and general well-being of Africa. How does Africa fit into this? One day you shall discover.

Oh and on a side note – I have found love in the form of a young fellow who is a tattoo artist. No worries ladies and gents, my body is still as clean as the day it was born. We’ll see about changing that in the near future. I really like him and I like that he likes me too. More than that it’s his mindset and his views on the world and just general. He fascinates me to say the very least and I like that whenever I look into his eyes I can just be absorbed into this great wonder.

I hope things work out for the best between him and I …well at least I understand myself better now I think , which I hope will assist in my prayers for longevity.

And in other news – I am sincerely praying, hoping and wishing for the best in 2014. May it hold all of our dreams and may we be ever so closer to achieving. It’s hard sometimes but giving up is NEVER an option.

Anyway, I lost some battles and won others and here I am today , standing (well actually I am sitting to be accurate) in front of you. Alive and stronger. Ready to conquer.

Here’s to achieving in 2014!

All the best.

Love and more Love,



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