So I’m flowing in and out of stress , depression, self-pity, happiness and general sadness.

I’m thinking about alot of things, one being that in a few months I will be turning 30 and I feel like I have nothing to show for it. My child is growing up and I need to provide for him. I need that house, car and to be able to take care of my family.

So I was chatting to a friend of mine about how I feel and she suggested I write down a list of things I am thankful for this year, the things I have and the things I want and be thankful for and about them.

So I told her I would.

I am thankful for this year :

My life

My son

My family

My career

My friends

My man

The ability to be sensible

The ability to love

The ability to care

The things I want:

Success, in abundance so I may be able to take care of my son and my family and I may live happy generally.

To travel and see the world for in this way I believe we learn and grow as a people.

To express myself asn an artist.

To be able to share my gifts with the world.

To love sincerely without fear.

To be able to nurture.

To finally write that book and complete it.

To register my company.

The things I have:

Loving friends

A great family

A good kid

A loving man

A solid head on my shoulders

A loving heart




…Oh my goodness I feel much better already…. thankgoodness for human angels.

I feel so much love from myself to myself. Thank you Lord for my son who sits patiently behind me as I type this out at an internet cafe 🙂 . It’s gonna work out…it is working out and for that I am thankful.

It is well with my soul.

Love and More Love,




  1. Xola Ningiza · January 13, 2014

    n u gr8…..i know!!!!! have always known!!!!


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