A graphic novel in digital soul

I’m convinced there must be something quite unique about me. I am in touch with the most phenomenal beings it is incredible. I have been thinking about it for some time now and it boggles my mind actually when I think about it. Anyway, this is not another ‘self love’ post but rather a post on one of the most phenomenal beings that I know.

I met him some years back, while I was still working for a mobile retail store. His nature was and still is enigmatic. There was something about the short built, long dreadlocked and steady bearded folk that stepped into ‘my’ shop, dare I add serene. We spoke about him getting a device, little did I know then that that was to be the beginning of a life long friendship.

We would meet and connect as we used to stay in the same neighbourhood and I found out ours was more than just about mobile devices. Here was an artist who was waiting on the long queue of being discovered, having his talents seen by the world. He shocked me with his tenacity and his belief in himself, his dreams and ambitions.

Going through my own struggles at the time, he would motivated me and I would be left wondering how this young man could be so assured of his ‘seemingly bleak’ future. I mean, there we were, the two of us , I being the lesser believer than he was, broke as hell, yet he had the utmost faith in his art.

Fast forward almost 10 years later ,this young man’s dreams are taking shape and fast coming to fruition. He is ever more confident about his work. Just who am I talking about? Ladies and gentlemen I am talking about the one and only Mvelo ‘Comics Senpai’ Makongolo.

His work is featured online at Galleriso.com and I do beg, plead and urge you to take a look here : http://gallerisso.com/?vltg_portfolio=exhibition-a-graphic-novel-in-digital-soul-by-mvelo-comics-senpai-makongolo .

There is more to this artist than the images selected for his exhibition and if you would love to see more, you’re more than welcome to check out his other profile here : https://www.facebook.com/Mvelo.Comics.Makongolo/photos_all . He is a trully phenomenal being.

I decided to add some images that he said I’m allowed to use from his exhibition below. Look out for this young talent ladies and gents, he is phenomenal.






P.s * It is such an honour for me to know you my good friend , to be able to call you a friend is a deep honour that these words fail to express. I am very proud of you and your achievements and I wish you all the success in all the gifts that life has to offer you. Thank you so much for stepping into my world the day that you did, I love you*


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