Memoir on Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse Survivor

An interesting find.

eyes of reason...

traces cover2

TRACES of BLACK & BLUE explores, in many ways, how women cover their grueling past with masks of bruises from unspoken secrets while decorating their present with colourful facades to hide the pain that devours their insides, that corrodes their family circles, that hinders their personal, social and professional growth. It challenges our Cultural belief and value system, that which coerces us to protect and conceal family covert abuse as a secret at all odds, even at the expense of life itself to the detriment of the victims of circumstances, perverting the course of justice. This challenge aims to evoke action for families to find a way to uproot, reconcile and heal past ills from deep within our roots. It also invites men who are fathers, partners, brothers, lovers or friends to get to understand the women in their lives a little deeper than their facades, to walk and workā€¦

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