the story of being

Strongly needing to revisit this…thought I’d share…


In the beginning there was hunger and hunger was hungry for desperation. At the time desperation had been walking the dry kalahari desert, searching and searching not forgetting to look every plane for longing. This went on for centuries. Meanwhile longing had been sitting at the oasis of yearning. Now these four had never known each other yet each knew that they were searching. Then came along Word who had long observed. He knew all the four knew. At this Word spoke and said :Unite! Indeed it was so. Word saw that it was good and manifested himself in the combined four. As a new creature they all decided to give themselves a new name which shall name, identify, combine and unite them. The name was Being. So Being lived a good life going and doing as he pleased.

Yet , always when he was asleep he would have dreams…

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