…the Essence is in YOU… by Unathi Magubeni

…trust your dreams, they have chosen You as much as you have chosen them…all knowing is within, there is no out there separate from what’s
within…You are connected to the Source,be humble and let the Supreme within You reign…believing is reality and reality is existence…all is being revealed to You now; honour the present, it is a gift…all of these things are happening to You now, smell the flowers and marinate in the glory of the moment…anxiety creeps in when we spend too much time in the perceived past or too much time in the perceived future and create a perceived gap of uncertainty; remember, both have no reality of their own outside the Now…presence is virtue…the timeless is in the present, be rooted there…external sources including me can only point at the truth of the meaning; but please know that You are blessed Now…the general direction your life is taking presently will lead you to the desired outcomes…please always remember that the magic of life is now and not in the perceived future or past…both past and future are projections from NOW; they are both halo effects of the now…never underestimate the majesty of now…never underestimate the human spirit, especially yours…just like the rays of the sun are not separate from the sun, you are not separate from the source…be conscious in being…humble yourself to the force that carries You…the journey is within and the master is You…


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