Just for one moment, I decided that I’m not going to panic. Just because things seem to be falling apart may actually mean that they are falling into place.

We so love to plan and know everything in detail yet we know nothing. Tell me how does a seed sprout from nothing and forms a beautiful human being?

We think we know everything and yet we know nothing at all. So here I am sipping on a warm cup when I’m meant to be sewing buttons onto a dress yet this is sewing the buttons onto a dress. Words. Words that formed me, conjured me up from a deep and obscure nothing. Here I am, a phoenix rising from the deep ashes. How could it be?

God is trully majestic. I am standing at the premise of Love and all I feel is a deep tranquility and I feel so blessed to have the Love that I have been blessed with. Thank you Lord for my sisters that come to my aid and rescue without asking any questions. They give all of who they are just so I don’t stand naked in a room full of people.

They bless and cover me with their angelic wings. I hope and pray to be blessed to do the same if not more for them when the time comes that they should need me. Lord we are trully blessings unto each other, Thank you so much.

I want to take this moment to thank you , the one who is reading , for constantly taking the time to be here without questions. I do not take it lightly. It’s an honour to be able to be gifted to capture the essence of the soul in words. Trully I am blessed and for this I remain thankful.

For now though… I gotta go back to the dress that is waiting for me to put buttons on. All else is in the hands of the one who created us all. Let’s fight the battles we can. Let’s learn from our mistakes. Let’s forgive for each and every second of our lives. Not forgeting to constantly love, even the bits of us that “do not deserve” Love … actually we should love those bits a little bit more 🙂 .

Where we can let us make a real difference that will make a real impact.

Be kind.

Love always,



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