Bad… [PG 18]

(feat. Tiara Thomas)

[Intro: Wale]
Monogamy or whatever you call it
I’m starting to think it ain’t for everybody
Most of us is rushing into it anyways, you know what I’m saying
You ain’t rushing for love, and I ain’t up here to judge
So let’s neglect the “what if”‘s and make it do what it does
Let’s get it

[Hook: Tiara Thomas]
Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it
But I sure know how to fuck
I’ll be your bad girl, I’ll prove it to you
I can’t promise that I’ll be good to you
Cause I have some issues, I won’t commit
No, not having it
But at least I can admit that I’ll be bad no to you (to you)
Yeah, I’ll be good in bed but I’ll be bad to you
Bad that I never made love, no I never did it
But I sure know how to fuck

[Verse 1: Wale]
Let’s get it
Bad girls ain’t no good, and the good girls ain’t no fun
And the hood girls want a smart nigga, college girls all want a thug
So it seems that we fiend what we don’t need
Got a thing for a queen who know when to leave
I ain’t bout to judge you, don’t judge me
You ain’t gotta really sing about your rap sheet
Cause I heard you (bad no), yeah.
In the literal sense I mean that
Rough sex saying I love you
But to kiss them saying you mean that (bad no)
I know I just be calling her mean ass
Oh the irony, got the bomb indeed
But the problem is probably a deep past
Still I’m feeling it’s something I need bad
Thinking if I get her, I get her to need this
I don’t need emotions to open your deep sea
I can see the ocean by going between legs
Beg, nope, bed, floor, dope
Go, for it, couch, now
Slow, mo-tion, around, put it down
Lord knows she was going for the morn, hold up


[Verse 2: Wale]
Let me tell you about her look
She hurt feelings, she break hearts
She stay quiet, she play smart
She take pride in going out
Getting hollered at, and saying nah
She no saint, but she don’t pose
She don’t wear make up by the boat load
Riding through lake shore with the nose up
She don’t really date much but it slows her up
She got haters, but we all do
Heard you winter time cold, shawty fall through
Baby look at they approach how they court you
All those minds games never mind cause they all lose (bad no)
In the physical sense I mean that
I ain’t tryna kiss up, suck up, feed gas
I ain’t like them nigga you sucking your teeth at, nope
Play big, trust me I’ll humble your mean ass, look
Shawty is actually in prevent
Cause the one in front is working with deep threat, yep
Bed, floor, couch, more
More, shower, Lord, perm
Done, love, nah
Called in the morning cell number wasn’t on, goddamn…

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  1. LoyZaR · December 22, 2014

    So it seems this post has got so much attention…got people asking questions … all intrigued …I am glad. I guess for many it’s a shock or maybe that plain confusion as to why this post or whatever … for me this is the most open and bare I’ve been on my blog in a while, particularly on matters pertaining to expressing the sexual being within me. I’ve been limiting myself due to my fears, inhibitions and self-judgement.

    It’s a little bit like being that girl who loves to watch others masturbate but can’t really do it to herself if you know what I mean. Awkward I know 🙂 but that’s just it. I’ve realized that much of me lies in the uncomfortable and secret parts of me. In the deep and dark shadows, I am, much like in the purest rays of light I stand. So why not explore the sexual being? Why leave her wanting when she so badly needs and seeks attention?

    I suppose my excuse will be that my culture forbids me from fully exploring my sexual being, taboo and those kinda words pop up immediately. Point is, the thoughts are there and they are begging to be expressed.

    So I listened to this song by Wale and Miss Thomas and the above are my interpretations on it… I think from now I will honor all of me in all aspects here so I hope you’re ready for the Queen is ready to come out and play!




  2. anam · December 22, 2014

    What you just said is so true and some will find it offensive.


    • LoyZaR · December 22, 2014

      Haahaha … thank you Anam … ahh well.. let them … I’m exploring and learning which can only be a good thing.. this is LoyZaR’s journey and it shall be walked in completeness…

      I’m excited of the “new era” that is upon her and her readers – yes I am speaking of her in third person for a reason… I am watching her and loving every little bit of her journey as a young black woman …

      Sex is good…one of the best things to happen to man.. let’s explore ….hmmm 🙂 ..


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