So… what’s on the cards for 2015??

Woke up to much song and cheer in the neighborhood, it’s clear that the mood is festive. I wish it could always be like this, that we could wake up in song everyday.

I suppose things like economy and all that jazz would not function then because we’re cheerful for our beloveds have put down the labour tools for a moment at home. I’m always amazed at just how short the times are for my dear brothers and sisters.

Ah well, the bills wont pay themselves I suppose, however I do feel that we need to awaken to a deeper consciousness about the way we live our lives. It seems the more we strive for freedom the more it eludes us. I suppose the different life experiences lead us to varied lifestyles.

For me though, I’m always inspired by the life I never had, the opportunity to turn dreams into reality. It’s never easy because there’s a lot of hard work that is involved and some days are better than others. How long shall we toil for our life’s purpose?

I suppose the answer lies in finding our happiness, whatever that may be. I know I’m not happy to down tools for two days when I’ve been working for the other 360 days and shall labour for another couple more days only for that measly wage. I believe life has more to offer and I’d rather die in search of it than clogged up in an office where my efforts are not even recognized much less appreciated. It defies all logic.

We are not guaranteed a cushy life by birth however we are well equipped to ensure that the future is brighter not only for our kids and spouses but for us. We deserve to be happy and successful in all avenues.

I am proud of all my brothers and sisters that wake up and grind towards their desired futures. It may seem futile at first yet the end result is worth all the hard work you put in.

I am a young black woman from the townships, I live in a four roomed house with the toilet outside (note : toilet not bathroom). I am a single mother to an eight year old boy who is fast growing up with all his demands. I left my office job in pursuit of my ambitions. I started with zero budget , and am proud to say that in the year (Dec 2013 – Dec 2014) I’ve been fully unemployed, I am now the Managing Director of two media companies (Qhakaza Media ; Media Maniacs).

The point of this is not to gloat and over inflate my ego but to illustrate that you can do it too even when the odds are stacked high up against you, I think you make it more when the odds are high up against you 🙂 .

You can actually make the decision to improve your life and get on with it. There are no easy rides though so thread with caution. I am blessed to have met amazing people in my journey who have not only managed to inspire and encourage me but love and support my crazy ideals.

Today I stand not alone but with my brothers and sisters as I shine the light upon my Province : Eastern Cape, with love and admiration.

My prayer is to leave this Earth having inspired and reached at least one person with all of my efforts.

Know that you can be anything you want to be, work hard, persevere, pray and open your heart and you shall receive.

Festive greetings …

So… what’s on the cards for 2015??

To more holiday cheer in the hood … it’s a possibility 🙂 !

Mad Love and Respect,



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