Have you ever asked yourself questions…questions you had no answers to…questions you’re not even sure have any answers…hoping somewhere there is a revelation out there waiting to spring on you with perfect answers…justifiable answers that can somehow make things make sense…well I’ve been there…still am.

Dear God

If you are out there listening to me I need you to come I need you to create a miracle. Lord I know you see all of us equally and I ain about to make myself supreme for I know ain none of this about me but I need you to hear me.

I need you to listen to me Lord, I need you to hear my plea. I need you to make a change. Why did you make me this way? Why did you make me this way if all of it was for nothing then was I just born to suffer? Was that your grand plan?

You know I really don’t believe that. I believe you made me this way for a purpose. I believe I was meant to do something really amazing with all the crazy you stuffed up in me. I really am everything you are.

You know my heart, from the inside out. The visions I have, you gave me. The plan in my head is all yours. Lord I really, really need you to look and see your children. They are all waiting on you. They all look up to you coz you the hero. You made it. You’re our rock and inspiration. Without you we are nothing.

We need you Lord. We need you to open yourself to us. We need you to mould us. We need you to shape us. We need you to inspire us. We need you to motivate us. We need you to Light your Light upon our lives.

Dude, you know everything about us. Why leave us to suffer when we was born that way?

We need you to make it right. We need your justice, your love and peace. There is no way we were born to lose I refuse to believe you would do that.

Everything’s so messed up right now and you know how to right all the wrongs coz things should be this way. Africa deserves better. Africa deserves a second chance.

May we forever remain by your side in all things. When we search our hearts I only pray we find you there no matter the circumstances. Have you ever been so hungry Lord? So hungry you could bite off your own lips and have them for dinner?

Have you ever been out in the cold hard streets Lord with no corner to turn to? Have you ever worked so hard you feel like you crazy? Have you ever been so determined to push on even when your shoes wear out you still running…and when it rains even though you know it’s a blessing it’s one you ain too happy about…coz your bed is gonna be wet?

Lord, have you ever fought with rats for your food? Ever been part of a war you ain even involved in then they call you a victim of circumstance? Have you been in the gutter hoping , wishing and praying the next second will be your last?

How did you go on Lord? Tell me how you made it from good to great coz I wanna know. How did you make it from all of that? I really wanna learn from you so I can be just like you.

I’ve been beat down and left for dead. I’ve done hopeless. I’m no stranger to poverty. I knew great loss the day you woke me up next to my mama’s stone cold dead body. I must’ve been 17 years old and what did I know?!

I’m grown now and I’m telling you that you are needed.

Show us your Glory. Let us see you march in Victory. I heard you was jealous so go right ahead and be jealous about us not winning! Shine your Light Lord. Help us conquer. We need you.

We need to champion nations with you. We need to trample over the strongholds of poverty with you. We need to take a strong grip on pain, hurt and suffering.

You are the Rose of Sharon, the Prince of all Peace. The Governor and Ruler.

Speak  to us with your Love. Let us meditate and overflow with your Perfect Peace. Shower us with your unending Love.

Plant in us an eternal Spring, create in us a River that flows eternally. Let us be as your will intended for us always.

We strive for many dreams and ambitions and only you can make them a success.

Keep us when the storms hit and we become a mockery for the oppressor. A laughing stock to the enemy.

Make us instruments of your Divine Favor.

What is meant to be will be.



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