Hello Artists, Musicians, Creatives, Poets and Readers 🙂

Nothing much on my end just the usual hectiness of life. I know it sucks that I always just write in passing here as if I don’t care for you my fellow readers and major supporters.

I trust you will appreciate all my efforts in due time when all manifests as it should. You may not know that Media Maniacs has moved to JHB and we’re making major moves here.

If you’re interested in keeping up with what we do , please you are more than welcome to like our Facebook page as well as our Twitter page.

Hey, great news, we host every Monday from 7 till 10 pm at the Afrikan Freedom Station, Westdene, JHB. Kindly note you can also support the great works and initiatives of one Bra Steve ‘Kwena’ Mokoena , who is the father of the Afrikan Freedom Station, a home for all “misfits”  by clicking here.

The space really is amazing guys, I pray for the opportunity for all of you to be a part of it somehow. I am beyond glad and humble that such an institution only jumped at the opportunity to work with us and share in our common dream and vision for an improved, inspired and motivated society.

So please feel free …. Freedom Mondays!!!



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