After how many years of not seeing each other, God grants us this moment in Johannesburg…we met in 2003…the year is now 2018.







A friend is that person who makes us feel like we’re not going through Life alone.
Friends make us feel like we’ll get through it and come out better.
A friend is that person we have no problem showing our deepest scars to because they will never judge us but bring salt water and a bandage to clean and dress the wound up for healing.
A friend forgives for all the words said in anger and loves regardless.
A friend cries with you and even though the situation is “beyond control” they are there to listen, give hugs and ask ‘what can I do to help / make it better’?
A friend might not be able to make it better but knows that just by being there, life is better.
A friend does not always have the money to bail you out but will still hustle something to create a smile even if it’s just a phone call to ask how you are doing.
A friend is real and honest even if you don’t want to hear it, especially when you don’t wanna hear it.
A friend is there no matter how bad it gets.
A friend is that helping hand or shoulder to lean on in the midst of adversity.
A friend can be as close as family.
I am supremely thankful for you my friend. You know who you are. You’re always there. Thank You for everything. From the bottom of my heart :

Thank YouΒ 



I know it’s not always easy, there are some lessons I keep learning (yep, I’m not a “know it all” πŸ™‚ ).

I continue being a student of Life. Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers and seeing a role model in me, it’s really refreshing and quite inspirational.

I’ve come to accept that I am living with #HIV and I am completely fine with it and HIV cannot change this. No matter how tough the battle may be, I continue to fight on with a smile on my face.

To those who may not know, I have been living with HIV for 11 years now (2017) and I am looking forward to the rest of my Life!!

Here are 10 things HIV cannot stop me from doing, hopefully this motivates and inspires you…hey, maybe you can add your own things to the list…it’s completely ok πŸ™‚ .

HIV cannot:
1. Stop me from living my life
2. Stop me from pursuing my dreams
3. Stop me from Queeining πŸ˜‰
4. Stop me from loving myself
5. Dictate how I live my life
6. Determine my death
7. Stop me from being in a Loving relationship
8. Be the end of ME
9. Keep me quiet

Many people wonder how I keep motivated and to be honest, there are no easy answers…God…Love…Acceptence…Inner Peace…Faith…Hope…all of these play a major role.

I’ve grown to be a support system to many other people who are also living with HIV, which also adds value to my life.

Living a life of purpose, creating a meaning and positive impact in other’s people’s lives fills my life with happiness.

And knowing fully well that HIV cannot stop me!!



Scars I wear as my tattoos

Today I feel drained and exhausted. I don’t know what it is exactly but I keep missing important dates and appointments, sigh, must be why I feel like a loser today.

My feet are aching from the long walk I just took trying to market my brand to other brands, also the fact that I am carrying two heavy bags does not assist matters much at all but hey;Β  I was on the hot streets of Jo’burg doing my best to look poised while the sweat beads were forming on my upper lip and forehead.

I am a Soldier Warrior Queen and I’m no stranger to the harshness of life and scrapping through trying to make it. I am built tough because from an early age life was never easy for me so I’ve kinda sorta learned to be tough and look out for myself.

Yes, I am an orphan living with HIV for 11 years now and I speak boldly about it yet it doesn’t mean that I’m always strong, brave or courageous or that I wanna be like that all the time; sometimes I just miss the softness in me.

In 2014 I registered two companies, Media Maniacs and Qhakaza Media; an achievement I remain proud of to date. It’s been a road full of ups and downs…well…more downs than ups really.

I have lost money

I have lost friends

I have lost basically everything that I had which I felt made me to be me.

I have felt hopeless

I lost the office, equipment…the whole nine yards.

Yet in all these things I have never given up on myself and my dreams. Yes, it has been tough especially because I’ve had no support from my family regarding my dreams, passions and ambitions; to them, all I have been doing is passing time while waiting for the “real” thing to come up.

I have been called a failure so many times and if I had to judge myself and my life by the number of times I have “failed” at anything, I really would consider myself a failure, but I don’t believe I am a failure. I believe that all struggle is a stepping stone to greatness.

When I googled ‘Things to know when starting your own business’ this is what I found:

  • Do your research. …
  • Get organized. …
  • Ask yourself why. …
  • Get a mentor. …
  • Survey your target market. …
  • Get legal advice. …
  • Bring an accountant on board. …
  • Network.

Pretty boring stuff but all of it is actually genuine but what they don’t say is :

“PREPARE FOR REAL LIFE TO HAPPEN TO YOU” because essentially that is what happens when you pursue your dreams.

Not everybody believes in you and your product especially if it’s innovative …as in …something totally new that nobody has seen or done before, so you get more No’s than Yeses.

If you believe in yourself and your brand what you need to know is to:


Don’t Quit

Never Surrender

Have Faith

Push On

Pray On

Be Dedicated

Refine your idea

and most importantly KEEP GROWING.

You never really know who’s looking or why….nobody ever really know when their big break will come through and how they’ll react when it happens but in all my endeavors I have prayed to the Lord to help me keep humble in all things and I think so far I’ve done a pretty great job.

My business is growing and I have a brand new website now: and I am proud because I pushed this effort all on my own.

I am capable of really great and amazing things.

Entrepreneurship is simple yet detailed in that it’s as simple as selling goods on the streets and as detailed as learning how to run an empire in the GIANT small business world.

There is so much noise out there that your own voice can be drowned out and you might feel a bit lost; take heart because you are not alone.

It’s all about timing really and meeting the right people at the right time and having the right connections.

Other than that? Pure hard work. Nothing ever comes easy. You sweat. You cry. You scream. You shout. You bang your head against the wall. You want to die.

Just when you’re about to give up…a little light shines and gives you Hope and before you know it you’re back on your feet again.

It’s moreΒ  of a roller coaster ride and most stuff is really unpredictable especially if you do not have financial backing.

Also those adverts on TV from banks tell BIG lies, making it seem like you just walk in and they give you money..haha…no such luck.

There are no short cuts and if you want easy money you gotta be willing to bear the consequences of whatever comes your way.

There is nothing like the peaceful sleep you get when you know you’ve done things right and your conscience is clear.

I’ve made mistakes, I’ve had an ego when things were running “smoothly” and I’ve learned big lessons from all of it.

Now though, I just enjoy the peaceful, quiet tranquility of life.

Funny I’m not really bothered by all the stuff that I used to think mattered a year or two ago.

Now…I know what I need and I’m just going after it…bruises and all…

Scars I wear as my tattoos.