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I have just finished watching two movies for the day. Death at a funeral and a Family that preys or prays. (Eish, these creative geniouses just never stop). Anyway, back to the movies. Death at a funeral is supposed to be this humourous look at death and the things we get to do when we grieve. All with a little bit of sugar just to make it saturated. Family secrets revieled (Ooh scary (not!)) and peoples just acting crazy- sibling rivarly and all of that. I’m dissappointed in  this movie- One it has Martin Lawrence! Can someone please say god of comedy?! Chris Rock and that midget guy who used to star in that other series with those two uber sexy surgeons- nip tuck i think it was. Yeah him and still a let down.  No man…this aint right!

Alright, enough cracking bad jokes. Let’s move on to A family that preys/ prays by Tyler Perry. Written, Produced and Directed by Tyler Perry just in case anyone didn’t know. I won’t lie, I won’t front – the guy is a genious ooh and he good looking too. Some woman must be lucky up in that States loving a fine man like that. Alright- I hear ya, back to Tyler or rather the movie. Now here’s another confession- i love Tyler’s movies. I always look forward to watching them coz i know i’m gonna be gettin’ alot of sense from the movie. I’m gonna be learning something and that is always a good thing.

Now here’s where I get a problem with Tyler’s movies- he is always stereo-typing. The black girl always gotta be in trouble, she gotta be married to the wrong man or the man married to the wrong woman, they gotta be poor  or struggling and they gotta mess up before they act right. Now I aint gonna be taking this one lying down coz I am a black girl and being stereotyped. Alright, it’s just a movie now calm down, calm yourself down. I’m calm , I’m calm it’s cool.

I’m just saying y’all that sometimes even though you got the magic formula it don’t mean you gotta keep it like that. Maybe sometimes you gotta tweak it up a bit. Give it an upgrade. Tell new stories.  Don’t stereotype.

Another thing I didn’t like was the poor editing with shots just cutting into each other. And the music- God I wanted to slit my wrists. It’s so emo . But still it’s Tyler Perry. Wee wee!

Over all though, I enjoyed both movies, I laughed here and there, I shed a tear at some moments but I didn’t see anything new or spectacular. Both movies were enjoyable.

I give Death at a funeral- two kisses out of ten.

A family that prays- just one.  what’s with the changing titles- where they thinking of a praying mantis? Lord I don’t even wanna know…

Happy holidays folkes…madcrazymoviewatching!



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